Music Composition | Sound Design



Monkey's Cymbal is a sound designer, music composer and mixing engineer with years of experience in music production.

You can find here all you need for your videogame audio, from the very first audio concepts to original composition and sound recordings, as well as audio programing and implementation to have everything working smoothly.

The main goal is to create an audio experience that completes and makes your videogame even bigger!


These are some of the videogames I've worked on, whether as freelance or as a Sonotrigger collaborator:



Audio Design

I strongly support the idea that videogames are a form of art, and that every one of them have something to say artistically an esthetically.

My most important task is to help you find what your game have to say, and give it a voice to say it out loud.

Music Composition

Although I have specialized in electronic music production, I've worked for all kind of projects, creating everything from orchestral mockups to fully synthesized 80's music.

The key is to be flexible, and I'm a huge music junkie with an in-depth knowledge of different genres, synthesis and new trends in music production.


Sound assets are the building blocks for any sound design, and every one of them requires special atention to fit the game intentions and enable the immerssion.

Each one of them needs to have a specific meaning and purpose within the game, whether it gives feedback to the player or triggers an emotional response.

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering are crucial to give your audio a polished and hi-fi character, so your game can sound as big and professional as you want.

I've been mixing and mastering lots of music for the last few years, so I can assure that gear limitations are no longer an excuse to make your sound assets and your music shine.


Game cinematics are often undervaluated, but they are a key component for the narrative and help building the emotional journey.

Linear audio in promotional trailers can also be quite informative, and here we can work together to create a great impact on your audience, whether it means blasting taiko drums or creating alien low-pitched drones.


Here we get to the hard work. Everything we did until now can be ruined if we don't manage to speak the same language.

We can bridge the gap between programming and audio production with many different processes, like audio editing and audio implementation, with specialized software like FMOD and Wwise.